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Welcome to Scantest AS, your trusted NDT consulting partner in the oil and gas industry.

At Scantest AS, we specialize in overseeing production and conducting inspections, serving as either a second or third party to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in your operations.


Our team of experienced consultants brings extensive industry knowledge to every project, focusing on optimizing production processes and maintaining rigorous inspection protocols. Whether you require second-party oversight to align internal objectives and standards, or third-party inspection services to provide unbiased evaluations and compliance verification, Scantest AS is equipped to meet your needs.


We are committed to delivering precise, reliable results that support your project’s success and enhance operational efficiency. Trust Scantest AS to be your eyes in the field, ensuring every aspect of production and inspection meets the exacting standards necessary in today’s competitive oil and gas landscape. Let us help you safeguard your assets and achieve operational excellence.

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